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1. Check Your Specs

Examples of Incorrect Specifications

Manufacturer's AWI Certifications: Submit casework manufacturer's (fabricator's) certification, stating that fabricated casework complies with AWI quality grades and other requirements indicated herein.
"Provide AWI Quality Certification Program labels, or an AWI Letter of Licensing indicating the project conforms to the grades specified."
Provide AWl Certification Labels or Certificates of Compliance indicating that woodwork meets requirements of grades specified.
Provide AWI certification labels or compliance certificate indicating that woodwork complies with requirements of grades specified.
Shop is a certified participant in AWl's Quality Certification Program
Millwork fabricator shall be a AWl member in good standing

2. Change Your Specs

The Correct Specifications

To correctly specify the QCP, utilize the language below:

Quality Standard: Unless otherwise indicated, comply with the Architectural Woodwork Standard, Latest Edition, for grades of interior architectural woodwork, construction, finishes and other requirements.

  1. Provide AWI Quality Certification Program [Labels] [Certificates] indicating that the woodwork, [including installation], complies with requirements of grades specified. This project has been registered as AWI/QCP project number _______. OR, the Contractor, upon award of work, shall register the work under this section with the AWI Quality Certification Program (855-345-0991.)

3. Confirm Your Specs

To Ensure Certification:

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