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Order Labels

To obtain labels/Certificates of Compliance for a project, you must first register the project.

Simply complete the form below or download this form, complete it and fax it back to 703-229-1211.

Click here for a printable PDF version.

red color - denotes required fields
Verify Project Information
QCP Number:
The number you received following registration of your project.
QCP Contract Amount:
Project Name:
Project City:
Project State/Province:
Estimated Completion Date:
/ /
Woodworker Name:
Address, Line 1:
Address, Line 2:
Zip/Postal Code:
General Contractor
GC Name:
Design Firm
Design Firm Name:
Certification Labels Required
In accordance with the provisions of the Quality Certification Program Agreement, we request Certification Labels and/or Certificate of Compliance for the following items for the referenced project. Indicate which woodwork items require certification by selecting the designated quality in the drop-down menu. Indicate the number of labels requested by entering the quantity in the text field.
Grade Quantity QSI Section
300 Standing & Running Trim
400 Arch Cabinets
500 Paneling
600 Closet & Utility Shelving
700 Ornamental Work
800 Stairwork & Rails
900 Door Frames
1000 Windows
1100 Screens
1200 Blinds and Shutters
1300 Flush Doors (enter quantity of doors)
1400 Stile & Rail Doors (enter quantity of doors)
1500 Factory Finishing
1600 Modular Cabinets
1700 Installation
  Certificate of Compliance Quantity
Grade Quantity AWS Section
5 Factory Finishing
6 Interior and Exterior Millwork
7 Stairwork and Rails
8 Wall Surfacing
9 Doors (enter quantity of doors)
10 Casework
11 Countertops
12 Historic Restoration Work
Current Project Status
Project Status:
Please indicate if any work being certified by your firm will be supplied by other sources.
Woodwork Mfg. Name:
Cabinet Manufacturer Name:
Door Supplier Name:
Finisher Name:
Installed By:
Installed By Other:
NOTE: The Quality Certification Program policies provide that the QCP may inspect a Participant's certified work at the manufacturing facility and/or project site.
Certification Statement
Our firm certifies that we are accredited for the applicable sections of the referenced standard and the work described above will conform to the Architectural Woodwork Standards latest edition as applicable to the requirements of the above referenced project.


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