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Specifying QCP

A great designer strives to put a unique stamp on a project while balancing budgets and keeping schedules on track. A building owner deserves to receive what is expected. The QCP is a valuable quality assurance tool that benefits both design professionals and owners. Benefits include:

  • Expertise. All QCP-certified woodworking firms undergo rigorous testing and inspection by a national network of industry experts. Hire a QCP-certified firm and rest assured your project will be handled with the utmost integrity.

  • Asset Protection. When specified, the QCP protects the design professional and owner if woodwork delivered to a job doesn’t meet specification upon inspection. The design professional and/or owner can call for an inspection at no cost, and the woodworker is required to correct any deficiencies within a specified timeframe.

  • Peace of Mind. During inspection, the QCP representative, an industry expert, reviews the shop drawings to confirm they meet all specifications and quality standard requirements, significantly reducing the possibility of non-compliant work.

QCP Spec Language

To ensure quality on your next woodwork job, simply include the specification language below in the Quality Assurance section of your project documents.

Quality Standard: Unless otherwise indicated, comply with the [Architectural Woodwork Standard, Latest Edition] for grades of interior architectural woodwork, construction, finishes and other requirements.

  1. Provide AWI Quality Certification Program [Labels] [Certificates] indicating that the woodwork, [including installation], complies with requirements of grades specified. This project has been registered as AWI/QCP project number ____. OR, the Contractor, upon award of work, shall register the work under this section with the AWI Quality Certification Program (855-345-0991.)

Check Your Specs

If you're already specifying QCP certification, please make sure your spec language is up to date. Click here to Check Your Specs.

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